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Jockey Club Charities Trust Projects

Rugby For Good, supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, is proud to sponsor two key projects – Jockey Club All About Rugby and Jockey Club Rugby United – with a variety of programs promoting leadership, empowerment, and respect, making a positive impact in our communities. These programs range from women-focused initiatives to professional training for coaches and much more.


Jockey Club Rugby United uses sport as a vehicle for social cohesion and teaching important life skills to Hong Kong youth from a wide range of academic and socioeconomic backgrounds – with six schools and 150 students having participated so far.
With the ongoing support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, students from ethnic Chinese and ethnic minority backgrounds, along with Mainland students, are able to develop positive social relationships and learn about teamwork, respect, positive thinking, determination, leadership and embracing diversity; using a specially designed curriculum provided by the international NGO PeacePlayers International.



All About Rugby is a comprehensive project that includes our physical literacy programme, female coach and match officials programme, girls’ youth development program, mothers in rugby festival, and more.

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Discover Rugby

The Discover Rugby programme engages adolescent girls aged 14 to 18, introducing them to the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle through a series of workshops and talks, with the opportunity to continue their rugby journey at their local rugby clubs the following year.

Mothers in Rugby Festival

The Mothers in Rugby Festival targets mothers of young players – who are key decision-makers in their children's lives – to retain more players in the sport, leading to healthier and more active lifestyles. The festival allows mothers to partner with their children to participate in a series of challenges and activities together.

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Rugby Spirit

Rugby Spirit trains nearly 8,000 students and counting across 124 primary and secondary schools. Participating students build mental and physical wellbeing both on and off the field, with two trial sessions and 24 regular training sessions throughout the academic year as part of a competitive school team. Students who continue the program from primary to secondary school are guided towards joining the Hong Kong China Rugby athletes' program.


Rugby Spirit is also being offered to students from ethnic minority backgrounds through our partnership with IBEL (a local education charity). We aim to increase the number and quality of opportunities for people to participate at all levels of our game.  Through this we hope to build sustainable, vibrant, and inclusive rugby communities.

Try It Out

Try It Out transitions players from non-contact to contact rugby in a safe and progressive manner, beginning with warm up activities to improve locomotion, stability, and manipulation – enhancing fundamental movement skills through progressive practice and games.

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During the Hong Kong school visit, we took part in lots of activities together. We learnt passing and cooperation skills whilst cheering for each other during matches. We learnt values of teamwork, and gained lots of happiness from the programme, it felt very collaborative.

Liang Hao

Student from Songgang Experimental School

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