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REAL Program

Empowering Students through Rugby and Language Skills


REAL (Rugby English Active Learning Programme) aims to offer students authentic opportunities to use the English language through regular participation in sports. By engaging in rugby, a team sport that emphasizes teamwork and communication, participants can improve their physical well-being and develop their English language skills by interacting with their peers and native English coaches.

The programme includes on-pitch rugby training, where students will learn the rules and practice the fundamental skills of non-contact rugby. Additionally, the programme aims to cultivate an interest in reading stories and informational texts about sports in English.

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Maximize participants’ utilization of English language skills, enriching and extending their language learning experience through sports participation.


Increase participants’ appreciation for the importance of a second language, while enhancing their confidence levels to thrive both within and outside of the school environment.


Foster the development of character in primary school students by instilling the core values of rugby.

What attracts our school to join the REAL Programme is that students can join in rugby matches, learn rugby vocabulary, and learn about some of Hong Kong’s famous rugby players.

These are great learning opportunities since these kids are not as exposed to rugby. Moreover, they develop a sense of success as it builds up their confidence to learn English. Every year students are eager to join the programme! 

Miss Steffa Tam, School Teacher



REAL Programme Training Sessions

Number of schools: 40 schools
REAL Programme Training Sessions: 
Period A: Nov 2023 - Feb 2024

Period B: Feb 2024 - Jun 2024

Number of Sessions: 4 sessions (one session per week)

Sessions: 60-90mins (prefer 90mins)
Target of Student: P.4-P.6 
Number of Students: 30 students 
Number of Coaches: 2 Coaches per session (delivered by Native English-Speaking Coaches) 


Option 1: Inside School Premises (e.g., basketball court) 
Option 2: Kings Park Sports Ground 
Option 3: Tin Shui Wai Community Ground (Tin Sau) 


Train the Trainer

Teachers from all participating schools will have the opportunity to attend a “Train the Trainer” workshop. Upon successful completion, these teachers will become PLUS coaches, responsible for English learning outcomes. They will collaborate with our PLAY coaches (HKRUCF Part-Time Coaches), who focus on rugby learning outcomes in year 2. To ensure a seamless and effective delivery of content, a curriculum specifically designed around play-based learning theory and practices will be implemented.


Fun Days

All participating schools will have the opportunity to attend Rugby Fun Days, funded by generous donors. These events aim to foster connections between students, club coaches, and players of the same age group. By participating in these fun-filled days, students are encouraged to further engage in Hong Kong China Rugby community activities, which provide valuable opportunities for English language practice and strengthen their connection with local rugby clubs.


Hong Kong Sevens Visit

Attending major sports events as spectators can be a truly enlightening and inspiring experience, and the same applies to the beneficiaries of the REAL program. To further ignite their passion for sports, all participating students will have the incredible opportunity to be invited to the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens by Rugby For Good. This exclusive invitation aims to boost their motivation, allowing them to witness firsthand the excitement and energy of this prestigious sporting event.


Students have the opportunity to cultivate an interest in learning English outside of the traditional classroom setting, fostering language skills and embracing diverse skills and values through active participation in the program.

All participating students will receive exclusive program perks, including an official program T-Shirt, the REAL Program logbook, a souvenir, and a certificate of completion, recognizing their dedication and achievement.

Students involved in the program will be privileged with an invitation to attend and immerse themselves in the annual Cathay/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens event, providing an unforgettable experience and a deeper connection to the world of rugby.

  • Is it an automatic confirmation once the application is submitted by the school?
    No, since there is a quota of 40 schools, we cannot guarantee automatic confirmation when schools submit their application. If we receive more than 40 applications, we will determine the successful 40 schools by lucky draw.
  • For the session venue, why are there 3 options? How is venue use determined?
    You can choose the venue once you submit the online application. However, we cannot guarantee that the pitch will be available on the date and time you select. If the pitch is not available, we may need to hold the session in the school.
  • Are the lessons delivered only in English? Will the coaches be able to speak Cantonese?
    All lessons will be delivered in English, so the teacher may need to support the students in Cantonese if needed.
  • Can the 4 sessions be attended by different students to allow more involvement by the school? Also, can more than 30 students attend each of the sessions?
    Given the progression curriculum with REAL, the same students will need to attend all 4 sessions. Also, only 2 coaches are assigned to each school to attend every session. To maintain the quality of the sessions with a ratio of 1 coach to maximum 15 students, each session can only have a maximum of 30 students.
  • What is the Train the Trainer Programme?
    This is a new addition to the REAL Programme. It provides a capacity building opportunity for teachers, allowing them to take a more active role during and more importantly beyond the 4 sessions. Teachers can join workshops provided by Rugby For Good, with the content built around the theory and practical aspects of the project curriculum, including how the programme is delivered through play-based methodology.
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Become a part of the REAL Program and unlock your full potential in language proficiency and personal growth through rugby.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Aljon Rae Grospe or Danielle Miguel of Rugby For Good on or 
We’ll be happy to help!

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