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An Inclusive Platform for Driving Positive Change in Hong Kong

by Ben Harris, Chairman

As the Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation (HKRUCF) celebrates its tenth anniversary, we are positioning ourselves to embrace the next decade of our journey in bringing rugby to diverse communities in Hong Kong. This journey is not just about sharing our love of the game but, more importantly, about sharing the spirit, values, and inclusion embodied by our sport. Our overriding mission is to level the playing field for all members of the community and provide them with opportunities to connect and grow and equip them with skills for personal development. And what better medium than doing it through the game we love?

We can look back on the last decade since our founding in 2013 as a period of transformative growth — among many highlights: our deaf rugby team has traveled to Cambodia to play; a program catered specifically for the prison community, we have worked towards promoting diversity by supporting and up-skilling more female players, coaches, and match officials; and we have continuously engaged with underrepresented communities like domestic helpers, as well as the marginalized and with persons with disabilities. In this way, we have brought the pure joy of sport – as well as the skills, confidence, and inspiration that come with it – to some of our communities that need it most.

Right now, we are working across 18 districts with 16 active projects, partnering with 163 schools and reaching over 32,000 beneficiaries. Our approach has always been strategically designed around social inclusion and well-being, with a play-based learning program to generate tangible outcomes. We are proud to have grown into one of Hong Kong’s leading community-led organizations. We must applaud the ongoing support and efforts of our philanthropic partners, donors, active members, and volunteers.

To mark our commitment to supporting the diverse communities in Hong Kong, we have refreshed the brand of the HKRUCF to make what we do more accessible for everyone. Looking ahead, we will be known as Rugby For Good, encapsulating the heart of our mission. Rugby has a unique vaulted position in the cultural fabric of Hong Kong, and we want to use this as a driving force for positive change. At the same time, we have launched a new logo with two rugby balls meeting to form a heart. We hope this conveys the message that we are using sport to reach out to the hearts and minds of the people around us.

The joy of rugby can be shared by everyone. At Rugby For Good, we want to harness the power of the game to build a more inclusive community and use it as a platform for positive change – bringing together people from all different walks of life and uniting them, and making Hong Kong a better place for all.

About Rugby For Good

The Rugby For Good Foundation is one of Hong Kong’s premier community-led foundations, with an unwavering determination to unite our community through sport. Rugby for Good was established as the Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation (HKRUCF) in 2013 with support from the Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU). We are Hong Kong's first sports-focused charity that partners with impact-driven organisations to provide innovative play-based programmes that grow people and communities through rugby.


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