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Rugby for Impact: Empowering Youth to Make Positive Impacts

Rugby is not just a sport, it is a way of life that inculcates in players a set of values that can boost their wellbeing and bring positive social changes. Given the malleability of young minds and their immense potential for change, the impact of rugby on youth development is especially pronounced. At Rugby For Good, we leverage the power of rugby to promote all-round youth development and unleash youth potential, hoping to bring a hugely positive impact to the lives of children, young people and communities. In this blog, we look at how rugby can foster youth development, positively impact young players’ mental and physical health, and create social impacts.

A Legion of Benefits for the Body and Mind

Rugby is a sport that has plenty of benefits for youngsters, both physically and mentally. As a high-energy sport, rugby is obviously a great way to get children active and physically fit. All the running, kicking, tackling, passing, agility drills and warm-ups can help young players build their inner strength and develop better balance and coordination. The sport also promotes healthy habits such as maintaining a balanced diet and doing exercise regularly. Over time, the young players’ overall cardiovascular health, stamina and bone density will improve. All these are beneficial to their mental health, too.

Rugby is also a game that breeds confidence, courage and self-respect. By bringing together girls and boys from a variety of backgrounds, the sport encourages camaraderie, nurtures friendships, creates strong social links and fosters a sense of belonging. Ultimately, the young players’ mental wellbeing will be enhanced as well.

At Rugby For Good, wellbeing is one of our key areas of focus. Through a wide variety of well-thought programmes, we give young participants the opportunity to develop key mental skills such as discipline, decision making and self-control, and to express themselves freely and engage with others in meaningful ways. Their newfound confidence, self-belief and other mental skills will eventually transform them both on and off the field.

Together We Create Social Impact

Beyond one’s own physical and mental wellbeing, rugby can be a wonderful way to form connections between young players and local communities. As a sport that puts a premium on teamwork and collaboration, rugby has the power to bring together people from all walks of life, promote inclusion, diversity and social cohesion, and deliver positive social change. Besides, through rugby-related community events, youngsters can get actively involved in their communities, help promote social causes and develop strong community ties.

Being one of Hong Kong's premier community-led foundations, Rugby For Good puts social impact at the heart of delivery. We firmly believe that rugby is a potent tool for promoting meaningful engagement among different members of society, including the vulnerable and marginalised. As part of our effort to shape a positive rugby sporting culture across Hong Kong, we support and deliver a broad range of programmes that not only give youngsters the opportunity to grow on and off the field, but also maximise engagement with communities.

Vision and Mission

At Rugby For Good, our work is imbued with an innate sense of purpose. We leverage rugby as a catalyst. It is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. Through carefully curated programmes, we are committed to promoting young players’ physical and mental wellbeing and deliver tangible, positive social impacts at the same time.

With some 250 schools across Hong Kong having been our service targets and tens of thousands of people being our beneficiaries, and with more than a dozen active projects, we take it upon ourselves to drive positive changes by instilling in young participants rugby-inspired values including teamwork, respect, integrity, discipline, and sportsmanship, all of which can change their lives for the better.

In the process of running our play-based programmes and other fun-filled events, we empower young people with social and emotional skills and give them the opportunity to unlock their potential. Through the power of sport and education, we create an encouraging environment that sees participants thrive while raising public awareness of mental health. In addition, we unite different communities and groups, including students with Special Educational Needs, children and youth with hearing disabilities, students from ethnic minority backgrounds, young people from disadvantaged background and many more.

Ready to get inspired, be better and and make an impact? Join us at Rugby For Good to start making changes for yourself and the wider community today!


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