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Agnes Sordan: A Finalist for the Spirit of Hong Kong Awards 2023

The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards is a yearly celebration co-organized by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) and Sino Group. Its purpose is to recognize and applaud the extraordinary achievements of ordinary people who have made a significant impact within their communities. These individuals, often unnoticed by mainstream media, embody the true spirit of Hong Kong and inspire countless others through their actions.

Among the award categories is The Spirit of Community Award, which honours an individual who dedicates their time and energy to serve, help, and positively impact their community or those in need. This year, one of the finalists is Agnes Sordan, a participant of the rugby development program for migrant domestic workers.

Upon arriving in Hong Kong eight years ago, Agnes faced numerous challenges, including isolation and mental health struggles. But everything changed when she discovered the Exiles, a touch rugby team of migrant domestic workers. This team provided her with an opportunity to improve her physical health and find a supportive network of friends.

But Agnes didn't stop there. She realized that many others like her could benefit from the camaraderie and support offered by team sports. So, she stepped up, took a leadership role within the Exiles team, and began recruiting new players. She became an emotional pillar for her teammates, offering them support both on and off the field.

Thanks to Agnes's efforts, many migrant domestic workers have found a haven in the Exiles team. They've discovered a community where they can manage stress, safeguard their health, and find joy in playing rugby. It's more than just a sports team – it's a family, a support network, and an inspiration of hope.

Agnes's nomination for The Spirit of Community Award is not just a recognition of her work. It's a celebration of every single one of us who make a difference in our communities, however small it may seem. It's a reminder that each of us has the power to inspire, uplift, and support those around us.

At Rugby for Good, we couldn't be prouder of Agnes and all the unsung heroes in our community. Every day, they embody the spirit of Hong Kong, demonstrating the transformative power of rugby and team sports. By fostering an inclusive environment, we are committed to making Hong Kong a better, stronger place for all.


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