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Square Mile Sport: Domestic Helpers Rugby Program

This program provides the opportunity for domestic helpers to destigmatise mental health and use the sport of rugby as a vehicle to deliver important learning around mental wellness. The project provides them with an expanded support network and comprehensive knowledge or preventative mental health strategies to support themselves and their peers. 

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Rugby for Children with ADHD and their Families

This program uses rugby to deliver value-based education to children with ADHD and equip their parents with the skills needed to promote a positive learning environment on and off the pitch. It also encompasses community integration with children being provided a pathway to join a local rugby club.

Embrace Wellness - Youth Rugby Training Program

This program aims to use rugby to equip participants with important future skills including teamwork, respect, communication, leadership, confidence, problem solving, and self-awareness. Partnering with HKFYG and local rugby clubs, the program is designed to provide a safe and inclusive space for students from underprivileged backgrounds in Kowloon City area to learn these important soft skills in alignment with World Rugby’s core values and the EDB’s learning goals. Participants will also be provided with a platform to demonstrate their learned values through structured co-teaching opportunities and at competition events. Local rugby clubs will be engaged throughout the program to provide a bridge for interested participants to integrate into the wider rugby community and continue to develop their future skills in a sustainable way.

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PLK Summer Rugby Course

This is a summer program, which provides rugby training sessions to children from several in Po Leung Kuk centres in Hong Kong. The objective is to develop rugby as well as English as a second language.

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