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Rugby For Good’s play-based learning helps SEN students developing self confidence

Updated: Mar 1

(Hong Kong.11th Mar 2023)The Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation has been renamed as Rugby For Good on the 10th anniversary, to promote well-being and social inclusion through rugby. Rugby for Good planned 12 rugby events in March and April, providing children, teenagers and parents array of rugby experiences.

The first rugby event - "Ageas Inclusive Inter-School Rugby Sevens Competition" kicked off successfully on 10th March 2023. Returning back to the regular annual calendar after 3 years during COVID, the tournament is sponsored by Ageas, with 6 Special Education Schools and 59 special education needs (SEN) students participated.

According to the special learning needs of the students, Rugby For Good coaches specially designed simple and fun games to train the SEN students’ rugby skills. The training technique was to arouse SEN student’s interest then repeated the skills practice until they can handle how to play the basic Tag Rugby.

The tournament focused on letting SEN student with a sense of achievement, winning was not the priority, every team received a medal. It gave an opportunity to SEN students for representing the school, developed their recognition and self-confidence. “We used to ride on sports and games to encourage children and youngster independent learning, they can absorb knowledge and skillset from play-based leaning,” Rugby For Good Head of Operations, Mr Ng Chi Ho said.

"Students return to the field after three years of epidemics, without mask, I can see everyone is smiling. Teachers are happy to see SEN students can learn and apply daily skills in this event, ” Po Leung Kuk Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School, Miss Tse said.

Stay tuned for upcoming rugby events aimed at promoting well-being and social inclusion!


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